Parents: Check a Provider’s Background

Checking a Provider’s Background is Easy…

ParentsParents can check if a provider is registered on TrustLine by calling 1-800-822-8490. You’ll need to provide (1) the person’s full name and (2) driver’s license number. It’s that easy. It’s free. And the right thing to do.


If your current caregiver or the caregiver you are interviewing is not registered, just call TrustLine’s 800 number or go to Providers: How to Register/Applications and Fees to learn how they can apply.


With talk of fingerprinting and criminal records, some parents may feel uncomfortable requiring their caregiver to be registered with TrustLine. Remember, all child care providers who operate in State-Licensed settings, such as child care centers, have undergone a similar screening process. All employment agencies are also required by law to register their caregivers with TrustLine upon placement. Click here to see laws that apply to employment agencies.

If a potential caregiver is insulted that you’ve asked, or is unwilling to apply, you should be concerned about this person’s commitment to providing good care. TrustLine is continually updated. Caregivers who have committed a disqualifying crime subsequent to their clearance are removed. So, you should call periodically to make sure your caregiver is still registered. It’s the right thing to do.